Manitoba tint laws allow only top 12.7cm or 5 inches of the windshield tinted. Front side windows can have 50% VLT tint. Back side windows and rear windshield can have any darkness.

Front Windshield

Top 12.7cm (5″)

Front Side Windows

50% VLT

Back Side Windows

Any darkness

Rear Windshield

Any darkness

Window tint laws in this Canadian province are very precise and easy to understand. Some Canadian provinces and territories do not allow tinting front side windows. Because Manitoba has the most generous tint laws in Canada, you should always ensure to stay within legal limits.

Make sure only the top portion of your windshield is tinted. MB law makes it very clear this is only allowed on top 12.7 centimeters (equals 5 inches). If this windshield tint has the same darkness over entire tinted area then 25% VLT is allowed. In case of a gradient, you may have 5% VLT in top 64mm, and 25% VLT in area between 64mm and 12.77cm.

Manitoba Window Tint FAQ:

What is VLT?

VLT stands for visible light transmission and determines how much light is blocked from passing through. For example 25% VLT would block 75% of light from coming through.

Is reflective tint allowed in Manitoba?

Manitoba laws specifically prohibit using window tint with higher than normal reflection on front and back windshields. Side windows either next to or behind driver and passengers may not reflect more than 35% of light.

Are side mirrors required in Manitoba?

Side rear view mirrors (sometimes referred to as side wings) are required on vehicles only if rear side windows have less than 50% VLT.

Are there any medical exemptions for window tint in Manitoba?

There are no medical exemptions for any kind of conditions which would allow for darker than normal window tint.

Do tinted windows in Manitoba require certificates or stickers?

By MB laws there are no special certificate or stickers required on tint film.

Is there any VLT variance allowed during tint darkness measurements?

Manitoba laws permit up to 5% variance in tint darkness. This is because tint meter devices are not 100% accurate.

VLT Preview:

Tint darkness preview is for illustrative purposes only. Actual results can vary. Tool courtesy of Car Tint Laws.

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You can verify all information about legal Manitoba tinting on the following:

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Last update: November 4, 2023.