Nova Scotia tint laws do not allow tinting front windshield or front side windows. Back side windows and rear windshield may have any darkness.

Front Windshield

No tint allowed

Front Side Windows

No tint allowed

Back Side Windows

Any darkness

Rear Windshield

Any darkness

Window tint laws in this Canadian province do not explicitly allow nor prohibit tinting back side windows or rear windshields.

On windows behind driver, any tint darkness level is specifically allowed in almost every Canadian province and territory. There is no reason to believe tinting these windows would be illegal in Nova Scotia. Vehicle equipment which isn’t regulated or prohibited by law is legal.

Furthermore, using clear untinted frost shields is allowed on front windshields.

Nova Scotia Window Tint FAQ:

Is reflective tint allowed in Nova Scotia?

NS laws do not explicitly prohibit using window tint with higher than normal reflection. It’s highly recommended for safety of other drivers to avoid using film that causes glare.

Are side mirrors required in Nova Scotia?

Side mirrors (sometimes referred to as side wings) are not required in Nova Scotia regardless of window tint. In majority of Canada’s provinces and territories side rear view mirrors are required if windows behind drivers are glazed.

Are there any medical exemptions for window tint in Nova Scotia?

There are no medical exemptions for any kind of conditions which would allow for darker than normal window tint.

Do tinted windows in Nova Scotia require certificates or stickers?

By Nova Scotia laws there are no special certificate or stickers required on tint film.

How much are fines for violating Nova Scotia tint laws?

Penalties for violating Nova Scotia tinting laws include a $109-$227 fine. You will be required to remove illegal tint, and failure to comply can result in a $595 fine.

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Last update: November 5, 2023.