Yukon tint laws allow 70% VLT tint on front windshield, front side windows, and rear windshield. Back side windows may have any darkness.

Front Windshield

70% VLT

Front Side Windows

70% VLT

Back Side Windows

Any darkness

Rear Windshield

70% VLT

Window tint laws in this Canadian territory are very vague. Relevant vehicle equipment regulations in Yukon haven’t been updated in decades, and thus make no mention of window tinting. According to current Yukon laws, any tint would technically be illegal.

However, Yukon RCMP issued a press release (in 2021) which explains that vehicles are allowed to have a maximum of 30% tint on the windshield, front driver and passenger side windows, and the rear window. We are assuming there is no restriction for back side windows as they are not required for road vision, and the press release makes no mention of it.

Keep in mind that while RCMP mentions 30%, we are assuming this means 70% VLT rather than 30%. Based on our research, there is no country, state or territory in the world that allows 30% VLT on front windshields, and we doubt Yukon is the exception. More likely explanation is that Yukon’s RCMP simply made a mistake when writing the article, and they meant that no more than 30% of light may be blocked, which equals 70% VLT.

Last update: February 20, 2024.

VLT Preview:

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Yukon Window Tint FAQ:

Is reflective tint allowed in Yukon?

YT laws make no mention of tint reflection. For safety of other drivers, we strongly suggest never using any tint film with higher than normal reflection or glare.

What is VLT percent?

VLT or Visible Light Transmission refers to the percentage of light allowed to pass through glazing. For example 30% VLT would block a total of 70% of light from coming through windows.

Are side mirrors required in Yukon?

Left side rear view mirror (sometimes referred to as side wing) is required on vehicles if rear view mirror inside vehicle is obscured.

Are there any medical exemptions for window tint in Yukon?

There are no medical exemptions for any health conditions which would allow for darker than normal window tint.

Do tinted windows in Yukon require certificates or stickers?

By Yukon laws there are no special certificates or stickers required on tinted windows.

How high are fines for violating Yukon tint laws?

Illegal window tinting falls under obscured window regulations, which carries a $500 fine. There may also be additional fees or surcharges.

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